The Brian Eno Electronic Portfolio CD-ROM

Announcement of
** The Brian Eno Electronic Portfolio **
** On CD-ROM **
** By Alexander Rubli **

************ 2nd version availableNow Shipping !!!!! *********

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This Release is only available to members of the Nerve_Net List. It is a very limited, numbered edition.


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Minimum System requirements:

The CD-ROM is in Hybrid ISO 9660 Format, so it can be played on both environments (Macintosh or Window based computers).

Purchase info

or directly from the author (Alexander Rubli) .
For more information or for reserving a copy, send an 
e-mail to,
please include on the subject line: BEEP request.

NOTE: I have received several requests with an invalid return e-mail address.
if you don't have a reply of your request within 24 hours,
that means I am not able to write you back !

Perhaps some day this CD-ROM will be published by a bigger company,
meanwhile it is only me, designing, programming, producing and 


Best regards, Thanx for supporting the BEEP.

Alexander Rubli

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