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Just wanted to share a little bit what we saw yesterday at the" teatro de la ciudad in Mexico city.

I dunno how are these conferences in other non english speaking countries (please let me know)...

there wasn't simultaneous transaltion, but Juanjo Arzubuialde, the collaborator in setting up the installations, was the traducer. Brian had to stop every couple of sentences to let Juanjo translate.

He is amusing and sometimes fun, but also sometimes inaccurate in the translation. Brian was teasing him with some (on purpose) difficult to translate words and concepts, as he detected some mishaps...

Brian was relaxed and happy, one thing he wanted in the beggining is that he wanted to see the public, so he asked to turn on the lights, he said, that he felt like speaking to a black Hole !!!

He mentioned that what he does with music is the same approach as with painting, or as a gardener, that he plants musical seeds, and watch them grow. he becomes a spectator too. Speaking of the installation (77MP) he mentioned that what he looks forward to, is that people surrender to art. humans usually surrender to sex,religion,drugs and rock'n roll . why not surrender to art ?

That we can't just take the position of surrender to everything, but this would be as bad as trying to be in control of everything. he used the example of surfing (on the sea), while you wait the wave, you surrender, when the wave is underneath you, then you take control, then you surrender again waiting for the next wave..

He likes the concept of making music that has no start and no end, the same approach as entering an imaginary space where you can Enjoy (surrender) what you hear/see, and it's there while you are there...

The title of the new CD (Making Space) comes from this concept. the last piece of Making Space, was being reproduced while the people were populating the seats, before the start of conference.

He also mentioned the fact that humans always look (needs) for art, not exactly knowing why, his theory he mentioned at the press conference, one day earlier, can be approached with these 5 possible answers:

1.- Imagination: Humans are he only animals that experiments imagination
2.- Emphaty: helps us to understand other points of approaching others perceptions of reality
3.- Smulation: the possiblity of taking risks , Art let us play
4.- Propaganda: The feasability of attaching a set of emocions within a message
5.- Surrender: His pivotal concept he talks more about nowadays

he doesn't endorse Propaganda, he mentioned...

at the end, he let people of the audience ask questions (short and interesting was the condition) there were good questions and bad questions.

the best IMHO was what do you think about Einstein (Albert) phrases such as "imagination is more important that intelligence"

Brian Answer was: imagination is a form of intelligence, you can not compare them

Last question was the dumbest, of a lady who saw a swastika cross in the 77 million paintings installation, and asked Brian why he did that.

all the audience , was booing the question, Brian just said, that here is no intention of using this sign, it just "happens" ...

A standing applause were at the end of the conference...

Alex Rubli