Welcome to the legacy nervenet site, This was the home of the nervenet discussion board, which was active between 1992 and 2013, when social media swept with all old formats of then, now vintage internet. this site hosted, as well, the information about the "Beep", the Brian Eno electronic Portfolio, which was a cd-rom, made by me somewhere around 1993.

This format belongs to the vintage cibernetic format, which did not endured for much time. So it is obsolete by now, nevertheless, I tried to make the discographie section available by means of a web interface, which I stopped updating somewhere in 2013. Nevertheless there are some significant information at hand, which for newcomers and lurkers might be of interest.

Brian Eno came to my home city, Mexico City, in 2010, and the nervenet pages were a source of information of such visit.

I am still maintaing this site, once in a while, with the most important links that will (hopefully) never be swept away by the modernity.
The moderator, and author of this site was and is Alex rubli (alex@rubli.net)

The Links:

Brian Eno en Mexico
24 de Abril al 4 de Julio 2010

Beep's Discographie
"The Brian Eno Electronic
Portfolio "on CD-ROM
Brian Eno Cartoon, by Tom Hart
Who Is C.S.J. Bofop?
The Alex Rubli Home Page