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Heroes Symphony
Philip Glass

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Year: 1997
Categorie: Cover
Cover Art Credits:
Art Direction:Gordon Jee
Design :Frank Olinsky
Photo: Jill Greenberg
Producer info:
Kurt Munkacsi &
Michael Riesman
Recording Location info:
Looking Glass Studios, NYC
Catalog info:
CD: Point music
 1.- Heroes                     5:53 <--  FROM  <--  sound 
 2.- Abdulmajid                 8:53 <--  FROM 
 3.- Sense of doubt             7:20 <--  FROM 
 4.- Sons of the silent age     8:18 <--  FROM 
 5.- Neukšln                    6:41 <--  FROM 
 6.- V2 Schneider               6:48 <--  FROM 

Additional information:
From the Music of David Bowie and Brian Eno
Performed by The American Composers orchestra
Dennis Russell Davies, Principal Conductor
Michael Riesmann, associate Conductor