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More Music From Northern Exposure

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Year: 1994
Categorie: Compilation (Various)
Cover Art Credits:
Art D. Randy Miller
Design: Wilson design gr.
Photo: Randall michaelson
Producer info:
Josh Brad & John Falsey
Recording Location info:
Catalog info:
CD: MCA MCAD-11077
 1.- Georgia Wettlin-Larsen         Ojibway Square Dance 1:58
 2.- David Schwartz         Theme From Northern Exposure 0:45
 3.- Johnny Nash                              Stir It Up 3:02
 4.- Ruth Brown                               Mambo Baby 2:40
 5.- Simon Bonney                      Someone Loves You 5:32
 6.- David Schawartz                          The Ladder 2:10
 7.- Big Joe & His Washboard Band    If You Take Me Back 2:44
 8.- Basin Brothers                    Un Marriage Casse 3:08
 9.- Vinx                               There I Go Again 5:44
10.- Eno/Cale                                Lay My Love 4:43 <--  FROM  <--  sound 
11.- Les Paul & Mary Ford   Wrap Your Truobles In Dreams 3:08
12.- David Schwartz                    Mooseburger Stomp 2:06
13.- Joanne Shenadoah                   I May Want A Man 3:59

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