BEEP discografie entry for Helen Of Troy
Helen Of Troy
John Cale

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Year: 1975
Categorie: Collaboration/Rock
Cover Art Credits:
Producer info:
John Cale
Executive producer:
John Wood
Recording Location info:
Sound Techniques Studios,
 London, July 1975
Catalog info:
LP: Island ILPS 9350
    Ariola 89690 XOT
 1.- My Maria
 2.- Helen Of Troy                <--  ALSO  <--  sound 
 3.- China Sea
 4.- Engine
 5.- Save Us
 6.- Cable Hogue
 7.- I Keep A Close Watch          <--  ALSO 
 8.- Pablo Picasso                 <--  ALSO 
 9.- Leaving It Up To You          <--  ALSO 
10.- Baby, What You Want Me To Do?
11.- Sudden Death
12.- Coral Moon                    <--  ALSO 

Additional information:
-Note: There are two different versions of this LP. 
On the initial issues the song 'Coral moon' was 
included instead of 'Leaving it up to you'. 
John Cale       Vocals,Keyboard,Guitar
Brian Eno       Synthesizer
Chris Spedding  Guitar
Pat Donaldson   Bass Guitar
Timmy Donald,
Phil Collins    Drums
Robert Kirby    Strings,Chorus
Alan Courtney   Voice On Song 2