BEEP discografie entry for First Edition EG
First Edition EG

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Year: 1982
Categorie: Compilation (Various)
Cover Art Credits:
Stylo Rouge
Producer info:
Brian Eno
Recording Location info:
Album Compiled By:
Ian Little
Catalog info:
 1.- Deutscher Girls           The Original Adam and the Ants
 2.- Change                                      Killing Joke
 3.- Impossible Guitar                         Phil Manzanera <--  FROM 
 4.- Task Force                                     Brian Eno <--  FROM  <--  sound 
 5.- Harlem Nocturne                       The Lounge Lizards
 6.- Nka Bom                                         Edikanfo <--  FROM 
 7.- Walk don't Run                The Penguin Cafe Orchestra
 8.- Cat Food                                    King Crimson
 9.- Dance #1                                         Laraaji <--  FROM 
10.- Bogotá                                    Phil Manzanera
11.- R.A.F.                                Brian Eno & Snatch <--  FROM 
12.- Courage                                       Jon Hassel <--  FROM 
13.- Seven Deadly Finns                             Brian Eno <--  FROM 
14.- The Exstasy Of Dancing Fleas  The Penguin Cafe Orchestra
15.- Shadow                                         Brian Eno <--  FROM 

Additional information:
 4:(From The Record Music For Films)
 6:Produced By Be (Edikanfo- The Pace Setters)
 9:Produced By Be (Ambient #3 The Day Of Radiance)
11:Produced By Brian Eno & Rhett Davies (King's 
                                         Lead Hat)
13:Prod By Be (Seven Deadly Finns/Later On)
15:Prod By Be (On Land Ambient #4 (Eged20))

on the UK version this song is also included but does
not appear on the american issue:
Brian Eno/David Byrne: Very, very hungry