BEEP discografie entry for Guts
John Cale

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Year: 1977
Categorie: Collaboration/Rock
Cover Art Credits:
Producer info:
John Cale
Recording Location info:
Sound Techniques
Olympic Studios
Basing Streets Studios
Catalog info:
LP:Island ILPS 9459
   Ariola 28634 XOT
   Antilles AN 7063 
1.- Guts                        <--  FROM 
2.- Mary Lou                   
3.- Helen Of Troy               <--  FROM 
4.- Pablo Picasso               <--  FROM 
5.- Leaving It Up To You        <--  FROM 
6.- Fear Is A Man's Best Friend <--  FROM 
7.- Gun                         <--  FROM  <--  sound 
8.- Dirtyass Rock'n'roll        <--  FROM 
9.- Heartbreak Hotel            <--  FROM 

Additional information:
Andy Mackay     Saxophone
John Wood       Synthesizer
Trevor Burton   Bass Guitar
Raymond Duffy,
Keith Smart     Drums
Tony Carr       Percussion
Barry St. John  Background Vocals