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For all Mankind OST

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Year: 1989
Categorie: Film - use on
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 1.- Sirens                <--  FROM 
 2.- Always returning      <--  FROM 
 3.- Act naturally  (buck Owens)
 4.- An Ending (ascent)    <--  FROM 
 5.- Sleepwalking (Lee de Carlo / Peter Manning)
 6.- Asian River           <--  FROM 
 7.- Under stars           <--  FROM 
 8.- The secret place      <--  FROM 
 9.- Also sparch zarathustra (Lee de Carlo / Peter Manning)
10.- For her atoms         <--  FROM 
11.- Theme for opera       <--  FROM 
12.- Drift                 <--  FROM 
13.- Silver morning        <--  FROM 
14.- Someday weĞll look back (Merle Haggard)
15.- Fleeting smile        <--  FROM 
16.- Tension Block         <--  FROM 
17.- Stars                 <--  FROM 
18.- Quixote               <--  FROM 
19.- 4 -Minute warning     <--  FROM 
20.- Fly me to the moon (Frank Sinatra

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There is no known audio CD issue of this OST
A film by Al Reinert
This movie documents the Apollo missions perhaps the most definitively of any movie 
under two hours. Al Reinert watched all the footage shot during the missions--over 
6,000,000 feet of it, and picked out the best. Instead of being a newsy, fact-filled 
documentary. Reinart focuses on the human aspects of the space flights. The only 
voices heard in the film are the voices of the astronauts and mission control. 
Reinart uses the astronaunts' own words from interviews and from the mission footage. 
The score by Brian Eno underscores the strangeness, wonder, and and beauty of the 
astronauts' experiences--experiences which they were privileged to have for a first 
time "for all mankind." (comentaire Written by Scott B. Fisher )
There are several covers of the movie: